Summer Camps

Unique summer experiences

Dates: 29th June to 13th July

From 3rd Primary to 4th ESO

English immersion camp based on camping, nighttime activities, games, sports, workshops and a variety of adventure activities (mountain climbing, canyoning, via ferrata…)

Dates: 1st to 15th July

From 1st Primary to 4th ESO

Sports camp focused on the chosen sport, where they will improve their technical and tactical skills. Traditional adventure activities are also included.

English Dates: 25th June to 6th July

French Dates: 25th June to 13th July

From 1st Primary to 4th Primary

Colegio Alameda de Osuna. English immersion. Urban camp in which students will enjoy a variety of leisure and cultural activities through themed days and workshops in a fun environment.

Dates: 4th to 10th July

4º ESO

A week-long trip along the Way of St. James, starting at Sarria and finishing at Santiago de Compostela: a great personal experience, led by school teachers and including programmed and theme activities.

Registration is done through Secondary and Baccalaureate Head of Study: Celeste Molinero.

Dates: September/October 2018

Registration until 16th March

Students live with a family or at a residence while they go to classes and participate in a variety of activities. This is their first contact with English-speaking culture and a stepping stone for a possible future in University abroad.

Dates: 25th June to 27th July

From 5 to 16 years old

Colegio Ábaco. Urban camp where students will participate in sports activities: rhythmic, team and racket sports. All activities are monitored by specialized teachers.

Dates: 25th June to the 31st July

From 5 to 14 years old

Colegio Ábaco. Urban camp where students will enjoy a variety of leisure and cultural activities. All activities are coordinated by specialized monitors at our school.

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