We have our own kitchen and personnel

Nutrition, essential for integral development

Being genuinely concerned with our students’ health and well-being, we believe it is essential to offer an adequate menu to their needs.
Our nutrition and kitchen team work together on a rich and balanced diet which our students can enjoy every day.

Our school has its own kitchen and personnel and pride ourselves on a balanced menu as well as adapted menus for students with specific needs such as allergies and intolerances, including celiacs.

Our 1 and 2-year-old students also have a snack at school.

Students that come in before 8:30 am may also have breakfast at school, provided they are signed up for this service.

Bland Diet Menu
Egg Allergen Menu
Shellfish and mollusc
allergen menu
Lactose and milk protein
allergen menu
Soya Bean allergen menu
Legumes allergen menu
Fish allergen menu
Gluten intolerant menu
Afternoon snack menu
1st cicle Infant Menu
Breakfast and afternoon snack
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