Ábaco High Tech Performance

Technology: always present in learning

Ábaco’s technological Project is focused on integrating ICT’s as day to day instruments, which serve as aid for teachers and a fundamental tool for student activities.

Digital learning acquired by students promotes critical thinking, communication, cooperation and creativity, which in turn prepares them for society’s future challenges.

Our students begin acquiring basic technological competence through use of digital white boards, iPads and Bee-Bots.

From 3 to 5 years old, iPad is used once a week and robotics is introduced by means of the Bee-Bots.

Primary Education builds a diverse digital skillset, ranging from execution skills to notions of simulation and digital modelling or even respect and virtual security.

Digital white boards are present in every class and our students have daily contact with a variety of devices such as iPads, laptops, LEGO EV3 robots, 3D printers and technological work environments such as the STEM or Robotics lab.

Learning development in virtual environments is done through two platforms: Google Classroom and Moodle. Our school’s teachers use these web applications to offer our students online learning communities where classwork is centralized, which boosts quality and speed of feedback relating to their work.

Throughout these later stages, our digital project is further implemented with these tools to enhance their learning and work experience.

Classrooms at these stages are equipped with digital white boards, laptops and iPads for daily use, as well as other project-focused devices such as Arduino boards and 3D printers, which are used to continue robotics projects in our technology labs.

Honorable Mention, Ágora Prize and First Prize in Science and Technology at the International Science in Action Competition, Second Place at the Scientific Weekend School Competition, Sustainability Prize from the Créate Foundation, Selected by the Endesa Foundation for the RetoTech program

Prepared for society’s future challenges

We pay special attention to incorporating practical education regarding programming, robotics, mobile applications and 3D printing.