We promote sports and healthy habits

Regular physical activity, balanced diet and emotional education through sport are fundamental pillars in Physical and Psychomotor-skills Education.

In Infants and Primary we offer more hours dedicated to physical activity than required by the government curriculum, so that we may offer our students as many experiences as possible so they can improve their academic performance, social skills and general well-being, since the connection is backed by recent scientific studies.

Games are the center of our program since children learn by having fun in their weekly psychomotor-skills and swimming classes, through curiosity, creativity, constant improvement and self-confidence.

Basic motor skills are promoted and strengthened, as are body self-awareness, interactions with other students and environmental exploration. Healthy habits through values.

Swimming from 2 to 17 years olds

In this stage, positive stimuli from games, sports and physical activity are still promoted, as well as relationships with classmates are strengthened, with the added and adapted rules for their age, making their activities fun and leisure-like.

Through a comprehensive focus, students will learn about several sports such as judo, handball, basketball, badminton, wall-climbing and alternative sports among others. Lifelong Physical Activity is a key objective associated with contents related to health and leisure.

Progress through stages in an optimal and healthy way includes a constant increase in responsibility and implication, and at these stages, training becomes more intense and new challenges present themselves, which build skills such as effort, dedication, perseverance and team-work.

School Cross is organized from 1st Primary to 1st Baccalaureate

We have a variety of sports facilities: indoor swimming pool, indoor sports center, sports halls and outdoor tracks.