Students who think in English and Spanish

Taught by native and bilingual teachers

Our students begin learning English since their first year, and from 3 years old onward, 35% of their curriculum is instructed in English. From 1st Primary onward, they start English now accounts for 40% of the school schedule as a vehicular language in teaching Natural Sciences, Arts, Robotics, Religion and Values.

We currently have exchange programs with schools in Marseille, as well as twinning with schools from United States and Cameroon, and also from European countries like Poland, Italy, England, France and Greece as part of the “Twinning” and eTwinning” European Community programs.

Starting at 5th Primary, summer and/or academic exchange programs in Ireland, U.K, Canada and the United States are available. During these stays, students will be able to live either with a family or at boarding schools, while they go to class and participate in all sorts of leisure, culture and sports activities, as any native child would. The goal of these programs is to ease our students into their first contact with the English-speaking world as well as serve as a possible stepping stone for their international future. For more information:

Colegio Ábaco is certified as a preparation center for Cambridge ESOL and is considered a high standard exam center, for both students and teachers, in Madrid.

Cambridge ESOL: Exams are taken for all levels, from YLE Starters up to Proficiency, as well as the specific test for teachers, TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test). Students are prepared for these exams within the school schedule. The school also offers the possibility of taking other international exams for English and French, such as: TOEFL Junior Comprehensive and DELF.

The school is integrated in the BEDA (Bilingual English Development & Assessment) program, endorsed by the University of Cambridge, at the highest level: along with 18 schools in Madrid the school is a “Bilingual Reference Model”.

This level accredits our school’s extensive experience in bilingual education, including development of teaching materials for subjects which use English as a vehicular language and teaching a third language: French.

Colegio Ábaco is a pioneer in the BEDA Kids program which offers methodologies and bilingual quality guidance at the Infants stage.


We boost communication skills in real-world scenarios with native teachers

The school has native conversational teachers in English, who work inside the classroom, specially during English and Science lessons with three sessions per week.

They think and communicate in English and Spanish

Our students reach linguistic development in Spanish and English which allows them to communicate, represent and relate to their social environment in a highly competent way.

Our objective

Develop the love and appreciation of both the English language, as well as for the associated cultures.

How do we do it?

We build their skills through games and active participation, strengthening their reading, writing, comprehension and speaking abilities.

External exams

To accredit our students’ language competence, they take external exams which are internationally recognized: Cambridge and TOEFL (English) and DELF (French).