About Us

Educating for life, learners for life

Colegio Ábaco is a private and charter school.

Colegio Ábaco is a private and charter school. It is independent which means that it does not depend on any political, religious or social organization.

Governed by professionals with an accumulated practical teaching experience exceeding 30 years. Vocational teaching and theoretical-practical instruction which allows the school to promote its students’ integral education.


Promoting curiosity
and learning


Our mission is to work with families so we can discover and develop competencies and talent inherent to each child, so that we can help them grow into responsible, generous and innovative citizens that may one day, actively contribute to society in a growingly globalized and sustainable world.


Our fundamental vision is based on the idea of being a model of educational excellence through constant pedagogical innovation, developing multilingual people who are also technologically competent, who value sports and healthy habits and who are ethically responsible.


We firmly believe that education is based on harnessing freedom and responsibility through development of basic values, which makes our students autonomous, respectful, self-confident, responsible and aware of the importance of effort.