Guidance Department

Personalized tracking for each student

The Guidance Department’s main objective is the integral development of our students, by generating the necessary resources for personalized learning alongside teachers, intervening with students or advising families.

The Guidance Department is made up of a multidisciplinary team in which professionals such as psychologists, educational psychologists, speech therapists and special education teachers cooperate.

Periodic meetings are held with teachers in order to follow up on their classes and create a Tutoring Action Plan focused on students’ emotions.

We work as a team to improve learning management for students with special needs, dyslexia, attention deficit or high capacity. We adapt methodologies depending on students’ characteristics, therefore easing out possible difficulties.

We seek to improve each student’s learning experience by adapting to their personal circumstances through different educational programs: Socrates and SERPA for academic support, Seneca for talent-development and Braining, aimed at brain-training.

We focus on prevention, attention and early intervention of possible difficulties that may come up during the learning process and offer personalized attention for students with specific needs, through methodological adaptations.
Our Guidance Department also offers professional guidance for our Secondary and Baccalaureate students, educational psychology evaluations and, through our Amigoteca space, boost students’ social skills.

We offer guidance and evaluations.

Through interviews, School for Parents and specialized conferences, we maintain a close collaborative relationship between families and the school, promoting students’ development in and out of school.

We improve each student’s learning process by adapting to their needs.